Inspiring Words

My mentor wrote these words for me in late 2017.

splendorYes, the splendid door that opens into what is beyond mundane consciousness to reveal the ordinariness of splendor that transports us to what awaits as our birthrite when we release what holds us back from receiving it fully … the moistening begins again refreshing the spirit as dew collects on the petals of the rose that opens to the early warming of the sun slowly stroking it on the first morning … listen for the shrill call of the corvid remembered from the early days at the beginning of the universe when the gods first spoke to man inviting him to sit at the table of plenty and partake … mighty Odin’s glance with the eye that sees all, including what cannot be seen yet but only felt as the small spiralling tremors urging us to open ourselves more … to delight in the wonder of being fully human and fecund with the joy of life swelling from within and demanding that we engage and entangle ourselves with it fructifying the original mother of us all Lady Gaia courtesan of the gods themselves … yet the question remains will we accept the invitation of the harkener and open, open, open to the splendor as the maiden receiving our lover … or refuse the call and wither dry and brittle on the vine passed by in the unfolding of the master keeper of all … time itself?

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