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I am a child of the earth. I graduated in the mountains of North Georgia where I learned to love the land. I studied permaculture and natural building and grew lots of food. I have now been sent back to the UK to Eastbourne where I am sharing what I learned to encourage people to grow more food, cook and preserve fresh food, live lightly on the land and share with and care for each other. My dream is to return to earth to live in community.

Global Mind Virus Infection Millions – How to recover

I am concerned that we are all infected with varying degrees of a dangerous virus.. The TWATTERGRAM virus has spread across the world at ‘warp’ speed. . People infected experience depleted, distorted and degraded information. This virus has set us … Continue reading

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2001 – What an amazing year for the Flirt Coach

Whe had an annus mirabilis or an annus horribilis.. in terms of what has come your way, it’s not what happens but how you face it.      What’s next? Singing in 2001 African style The New Year began, not to the tune … Continue reading

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Blogging and the ultimate pleasure

Written in 2004 Now I know that in some circles I’ve got a reputation linked with sex.  And in the past, I have taken great pleasure in concocting sexually arousing stories that on the surface sometimes appear to be not as … Continue reading

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Jail Tales – The aromatherapy saga

When I was in jail I wrote letters out asking for friends to send in letters or just a piece of paper soaked with essential oil. The stench of the officers’ cheap perfume was ghastly and I knew some healing essential … Continue reading

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Yoga Sutra study – Obstacles we face in our yoga journey

When the dogs come for the day, I spend the morning in bed with them. Perfect setting to study yoga. It feels so calm and peaceful, and my pratyahara [withdraw senses from outside distractions] earplugs serve to blot out the … Continue reading

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Finding my Warrior – chaotic lesson planning and more

I joined the Yoga Foundation course to immerse myself deeper into yoga.   Not quite as easy as it sounds because I’m challenged by an enduring pattern of resistance and resistance is tied to my greatest value ‘freedom’. I was … Continue reading

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Studying Yoga

Yoga is becoming a more intrinsic part of my life, slowly, day by day.. a few steps forward, a lull.. all part of building a daily practice and integrating it into my life again.

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