My mother and the boiler breakdown

Nov 14 2013

The Boiler has gone out here again, after a repair yesterday. My mother is getting hysterical about everything going wrong while I look for phone number to call repair people.

God there is so much crap when you have stuff that requires maintenance.. Our wood stove never broke down.. all we had to do was keep cutting and piling the wood!! Hard work but WE DEPENDED ON US AND COMMUNITY [Jim gave us his forest to manage and we did the work]

Thank God I’ve been sitting in this room without heating and the windows open for months.. even in the cold [rain excepting as it comes in!]..I put on my fluffy hat, pyjamas and gonna get a hot water bottle. I tell my mum to make one for her and she goes ‘Oh I feel faint, I have to sit down’… She needs to be doing something instead of just sitting.. ANYONE GOT ANY SEWING REPAIRS THEY NEED DOING.. bring them round!!!! Seriously! Free service!

My mother knocks on my door, again, and says ‘have you got a torch?’ I say ‘why?’ she says ‘I fixed the boiler before’. What do you say to someone with dementia. I got the torch and went with her. She takes the torch presses a button and goes ‘well I thought I might remember’. 10/10 she got the attention.

She has now asked me four times whether I’m quite sure I haven’t done anything to the boiler’. She cries ‘I’m so cold I’m cold in bed’. I say ‘there’s an extra duvet’ and you can have a hot water bottle. She says ‘I’m not cold..’ And now she is worrying that her cousins are coming on Saturday to take us out to lunch and ‘it will be cold’.

Now I know why my my brother or I were so resolute not to tell her anything..anything could set off a worry chain! There’s this spot on my back below my shoulder that starts to hurt when she starts.. it gets hotter and itches..

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