Attraction Synchronicity Surrender

ATTRACTION, SYNCHRONICITY, SURRENDER I will need somewhere to live soon be it in two or 12 months. This place will be sold and the bank gets nearly all of the proceeds.

When I share this, it’s interesting and sometimes amusing hearing the suggestions, concerns that people come up with from different paradigms.

A relative said ‘will you get yourself a nice little flat or cottage?’ and proceeded to tell me about a friend who’d sold up [key point I ain’t got anything to sell up!] and now rents in Axminster – Sweet but not sure it’s me! This well meaning person also said of the huge 60’s coffee table in the flat ‘that would make a nice little coffee table for your new place’.

‘Whaaat.. that would take up half the space I expect to be living in’.  That is an item for auction to Brighton trendies. It’s a solid, beautiful retro piece. I can do far more with the money than I can with a showpiece coffee table.

It makes complete sense when you know this person lives in a committed long term marriage, shared ownership of house, small mortgage, is houseproud and works for a reasonable salary. Their world is so different from mine.

Someone else way on the other end of the scale suggested I could do up an ambulance and live in that. Have you ever seen the fitted storage space in an ambulance. It’s ace and really sturdy..

I love that idea, and I know that on my own, without mechanical skills’ I’m not sure I’d be able to manage a mobile home. That is definitely something better down with another. I saw that movie ‘Into The Wild’! Do not go it alone is the message!

Someone recently posted something about a co-operative housing scheme and I looked into that.. very low rent, nice area – Hove – ish.. bit busy for me..

Another friend had visited a wilderness woodland school place maybe 40 miles from here, where the owners live on site and are trying to build self reliance skills education. My friend had talked about me with them and they want to meet me. Who knows? I immediately thought ‘caravan? live in help?. lots of possiblities opened out..

I see all of these as synchronicities and part of the thing they call attraction. It’s really about having a sense of the big picture of what you want.. not details.

Contrary to most theories, mine says… know the feeling of the whole. And the words I use for that are ‘I want to live in nature’ qualified by ‘I want to be able to put my feet on the earth when I open my door’. I have a sense of wanting community of people willing to work with the land, live simply where work is ‘living’ and people do what they do best.. sharing skills, childcare, food preparation and growing.. the whole shebang.

And I speak about it.. I tell people so I am putting it out there This is my form of prayer. Privately I pray for it by asking ‘give me the place where I can be at my best’ AND we have to remember ‘letting go and surrendering’ knowing that maybe we still have to go through some to get even stronger and evolve even more.

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