Why we need to return to earth

returntoearthToday, Sunday October 25,  is the first day of ‘daylight savings times’.. where we arbitrarily decide to apply our labels to the seasonal phenomena because it facilitates the techno-plastic way we have of living from children having to get on buses or trains or in cars or walking alongside traffic, to learn.. to adults who a large proportion of their life labouring at what we don’t love so that we can buy the ‘plastic’ salves that help you  escape the pain and stress that way of life brings.

natureflowI believe that we are optimized when we flow with the natural rhythm of life. We are designed to function at our best when we rise and sleep in synch with the sun.. Our being feels at peace when at one with the harmonic integral music of nature. That is the homeostasis we seek.. our bodies are constantly shifting to achieve that state of perfect flow.

However, we have imposed a rather stinky cacophany of interferences into the natural rhythms of the planet, the elements, the beings, plants, humans, animals that divides us from that of which we are a part of but not apart from.

I sit here as intermittent bird song is silenced by  the sounds traffic, it goes past and when it stops, I feel it in my body, the release.. I think the body tenses at the sounds, even minutely and is therefore out of a state of relaxation.. it is in some kind of deeper fight or flight reaction to the auditory intruders… When I look out at this ‘beautiful’ view, it is punctuated with buildings, noise.. yet when I walk deep in rurality, I hear, smell, see, feel and taste only natural energies..and I’m betting when you do that you notice the difference. stress2

Here in the plastic version of life that we have created so voraciously we have gotten so out of synch, that our bodies,and our souls are corrupted, twisted.. and ..of who we truly are.. And the more that happens, the more we need to engage in activities to heal, including trips out to the ‘country’ to get a whiff of it. This state is akin to smelling good wholesome healing, healthy food while being forced to eat processed white bread tarted up with toxic additives.  We have to run along pavements or go to the gym or a chlorinated pool to ‘exercise’.. when all the exercise we need can come from just being.. on the earth.. being part of it.. living on the land..

naturalflow2We feel the yearning to return to earth and many of us find ourselves barred outside the gated exclusivity that is what it means to ‘own land’. The land offers us a chance to be with the earth on a daily basis yet the masses do not own land.. and therefore are barred from this experience, bought of with public green spaces as some kind of sop. Hmmm… didn’t that happen not so long ago.. when people were separated from the land and moved to ‘not so green reservations’ and the land so divided and sold up that the earth became a commodity and those who had ruled those who had not. Same thing today..

The Matrix is the perfect metaphor..

herojourneymodifiedAt some point everyone will crack. It might be a single moment accruing from many others where we go ‘this ain’t right’.. or ‘there must be something else’ or it may just be a nagging awareness tick tocking through us.. as we begin to wake up and hear, see, feel the call in many different ways.

Once the cracks manifest, there is no fixing it back to how it was.. and cracks beget more cracks until we start to see through the mist of life as we know it.. and hear, feel, see, smell and can almost touch the call . At some point we will not be able to tell ourselves any more lies and we are driven towards the edge.. preparing to take the leap into our  next heroic journey..

We do have some history of this. We made it through 9 months or so of living in a womb, and we trekked through the birth canal.. [most of us] and we’ve experienced a few ‘life hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and fires’. We’ve endured multiple ‘heroic journeys’ in our life.. taking leaps of ‘cliffs’, being thrown unwillingly into the deep water or had our world set on fire or been stuck in the mud.

We’re actually quite good at this stuff..stressfreezone

Before we, as a species, shoot for the moon, maybe we need to find our roots in the earth..

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