Fake rituals v natural flow

It’s a good thing that I truly don’t give a rats ass about Christmas or the Holidays because there is no standard for me that says if I don’t do this celebration, I am somehow lacking something.

I asked one of our neighbors who has been divorced for 30 years what she was doing at Christmas.  She lit up as she said ‘I am going to have some nice food, watch TV and thoroughly enjoy my own company.   Yay!  I get it completely.

And I am a social kind of person. I love a good get together for no reason other than a group of people want to commune in some way and maybe to celebrate something.

I was the 15 year old who sent my father a note on some celebration or other saying that I wasn’t going to participate in Hallmark’s commercial drive this year.

I love breaking bread with friends engaging in deep conversation and uproarious laughter. I love to hear people’s stories and tell them my stories.   I love to share energy with others in a reciprocal way… and I hate that in some way we have been memed into believing that we must do this holiday or that one.

In the 90’s I used to run a part time flower stall with my then partner.  I would see guys coming home on Friday night, late, buying flowers to ‘appease the wife’. They’d tell me ‘I’m in trouble’ or ‘I forgot this’.  I used to say ‘why don’t you just buy flowers for no good reason other than to make someone smile?’.    We did a good trade on Valentines day because everyone felt obliged to make some gesture, usually a boring dozen red roses, hastily picked up or even ordered from the most expensive florist.  This was not caring giving, it was ‘ought to or else’ giving.   What would happen if people didn’t need an ‘excuse’ day to show love.  What if it were a regular thing, spontaneous or planned?

The Holidays are a celebration of excessive consumption and a commercial junket carefully crafted with the purpose of  extracting as much wealth as possible from as many people as possible.  The meme of giving associated with Christmas has been hijacked by the maniplators so we feel as if we’re in some way doing good by buying our kids the X-box super duper latest version or feeding people excessive portions of rich food.

The commercial world colludes to present a snow covered white picket idealistic scene of holly and turkeys and lights and snow with a cosy fire inside ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ carols round a light bedecked tree, everyone warmly dressed and smiling blissfully as people bask in joy and happiness and contentment.   That’s the illusion we are chasing and perpetrating.

Even if we do manage to achieve something akin to that, there are millions of people who are suffering deeply and for whom this time of year is just a reminder of social isolation, deprivation and lack.  Humanity is becoming more and more infected by the meme that our goal in life is to have enough money to life the life we are programmed to want.

Often the Christmas thing creates lots of stress, drains resources and leaves many prticipants with a hangover of one kind or another.   Why can’t we just get together with family and friends because that’s a cool thing to do.

Why do we have to do all our ‘goodwill’ and ‘caring’ once a year.

Christmas has moved away from honoring the spirit of  Jesus or what he stands for.  It’s just another day where kids get greedy for toys and adults get just as greedy for food and drink that we’ve  been manipulated to think of as a route to joy.

It’s lovely to get together for any reason with people we enjoy and who enjoy us. It’s torture to be forced into a fake assembly where everyone pretends to get on and under the surface stuff goes unsaid. Yet if these gatherings where there is discord could be a ground for exploring the hidden emotions peacefully and making resolutions to resolve them…

It’s a fake ritual for fake reasons and without any true spiritual foundation it sucks.  It’s not Christmas any more, it’s the Holidays.   The Holidays for no reason.  In nature holidays are celebrations based on life. Holidays are when you celebrate the completion of work.

Living close to the earth puts you in touch with the flow of nature.. your actions are dictated by the natural changes that occur every day.. Instead of looking forward to anything, we experience what is.. In the spring new life begins.. we see the trees budding and plants poking their heads through the soil.  Lambs are born and humans plant seeds in land that has been tended and cared for from the previous growing season.

Every day we make no waste.. for our food waste becomes compost or fodder for animals.. the poop from the chickens feeds the earth.. our pee diluted with stored rainwater adds nitrogen to the soil.. The fall of leaves in Autumn begins to mulch the ground and provide a warm home for dormancy..things begin to decay…

Throughout the year we are gathering fuel, fallen from the forest, managed tree felling.. storing it up so that it seasons and is ready for the winter…

What did we lose when we lost our daily connection to the natural environment and all-encompassing consciousness.

And, what has to  happen for us to reclaim and embrace this once more?

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