Paying it Forward – being good

servicetoothersPAYING IT FORWARD. When I got back from America, deported with one tiny suitcase [they wouldn’t allow my husband to put any cash in the case] after five months in jail, the only money I had was $2 given to me by a fellow deportee who was being sent back to Argentina after 23 yrs. His mother brought him over illegally and he was caught doing something silly. He said he was dreading the flight and had had nos sleep, so I gave him some sleeping pills [they let me take my ‘stash’ with me as it was prescribed].

He pulled out $2 and said take this.. my sister is meeting me and I’ll be fine. Arriving at the airport I was met by Karolina O’Donoghue someone I’d only met on facebook. It was 7.30 am and she had got up to do this. She gave me £50 and a pay as you go phone with credit on it. She took me on the train, paid for my fare, to my friend Lesley’s house. I will always remember the kindness of a stranger.

helping each otherI think I had to experience this rock bottomness [for me] to be blessed with this kindness. It opened my heart as did the many people who helped via the facebook page Help Free Sunny FoodisMedicine Soleil Today I found that phone and topped it up with credit. I will be giving it to the girl I’ve had staying here for a week or two.. she was homeless and we had a spare room. Thank you Karolina and thank you everyone who helped me at a very dark time in my life. Pierre Soleil

People who know me know that I am quite tough and have a harsh streak in me that does not tolerate liars and fudgers and hustlers. I can be kind, but I am not a bleeding heart. Sometimes I am not kind. I have a worldly experience not just from jail but from my previous life where I did not always do the right thing. And I have experience of many years of working with a powerful mentor who told me ‘do the right thing always’ leaving ME to decide what it is.

I also recognize that my adversity has softened me.. and blessed me. How could I not offer someone shelter when they are sleeping in the rain and winter is coming along. By giving this girl some stability and friendship I have seen the kind and generous side of her. I have not given her a key so she needs a phone to make sure I’m home and can let her in.

My beloved picking blackberries in the farmers field next door to our home

My husband used to talk of ‘lost children’. He called me ‘lost’ at times. I see that now. He also talked of service to others which has been his trademark since he was a child. His generosity knows no measure but he is no fool. His anger also knows no measure when he sees people behaving with malice and selfish concern in the face of his generosity. He tests people. He can’t abide hypocrites. When they screw him, he continues to be kind and watches them. Most of them have no clue that he is extremely perceptive and intelligent and can see through everyone. I am not so kind and I admire this ability in him greatly.

Camp cooking on the woodstove
The stove I sent my beloved. And he was given a beautiful wood stove for the RV by lovely kind folk.

And at the same time as some people con him and take his stuff [food stores, equipment you name it others have hoarded it and return it with stuff missing and fudged excuses, whilst pretending to help him and going to church and calling themselves good Christians, Others who ARE good Christians and some who don’t even profess to be religious are showing him immeasurable kindness. People either shine in the presence of goodness or they become more demonic. It is a great test of character. Being religious does NOT make you a good person. Being a good person does!

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